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DiCE Lab organizes monthly online events covering topics around the circular economy and digital transformation. Every last Tuesday of the month, stay tuned!

All events are free of charge.

Do you have an idea to discuss? Contact us!

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

  • DiCE Lab seminar @ETH Zurich
    DiCE Lab seminar @ETH Zurich
    di 21 mei
    21 mei 2024, 13:15 – 18:00
    Early registration for the next in-person DiCE Lab event in Zurich, Switzerland is open!

Researcher Meetup | 22 Feb 2022

Digital Product Passports for a Circular Economy |
25 Jan 2022

The first DiCE Lab Researcher MeetUp took place on February 22nd 2022.

23  researchers from all over Europe participated in this first networking session. The main objective was to get to know our research interests and points of view and set up our next goals as a community.

The event started with two brief presentations from Anna Batallé and Di Wu about the current development of their research. It then followed with talks about digitalization and circular economy from three different perspectives: technology, scale, and approaches. Through these discussions in smaller rooms, participants got to know each other and started building research synergies.

Thanks a lot to all for making the first gathering a great experience!

Blockchain Technology for a Circular Economy |
29 March 2022

Researcher Meetup | 26 April 2022

The second DiCE Lab Researcher MeetUp was held on April 26th, 2022. The focus of this meetup was to discuss data functions along an asset’s life cycle. The event began with a research pitch from Haiko Huvebaars, founder of Candour who discussed how digital technologies contribute to circular ecosystems. This was followed by Magdalena Rusch’s pitch on how digital technologies act as an enabler for sustainable product management. Franco Donati’s pitch introduced his work on environmental informatics for circular economy assessment. A deeper discussion on data lifecycles and the role of digital technologies then took place. Several frameworks were examined and mapping of digital technologies for a circular economy was carried out. This led to more specific conversations on data collection, data integration, and data analysis that were discussed in smaller groups. Synergies and opportunities amongst the participants were realized as they got to know each other’s research interests and unique perspectives.

Thank you to everyone who participated, it was wonderful to interact, learn, and share with you all!

The Internet of Things for a Circular Economy |
31 May 2022

Artificial Intelligence for a Circular Economy |
27 September 2022

Researcher Meetup | 28 June 2022

On 28th June 2022, academics and researchers came together for the third DiCE Lab Researcher MeetUp. They took a deep dive into the topic of data templates for a circular economy. Anna Batallé Garcia and Deepika Raghu kicked off the event by pitching their project 'Digital ecosystems for circular construction.' This project looked at various stakeholder engagement strategies in relation to emerging digital technologies. Following this, Brandon Byers gave his pitch on how we can model data for material passports. He proposed embedded material hierarchies and integration methods for building predictions as well as access to information.


Soon after, Pedro Meda presented his project GrowingCircle, and their approach towards integrated data for efficient and sustainable construction. He emphasized the need for data-driven approaches and circular information flows. The event concluded with a roundtable discussion on technology, services and policy for a circular economy. This led to deeper discussions wherein researchers exchanged ideas with varying perspectives, approaches and technologies.

Researcher Meetup | 22 November 2022

The main theme of this researcher meetup was academic publishers, processes, and journals in the fields of digitalisation and Circular Economy. A small group of researchers joined the meetup and discussed quality of journals and review processes.

Digital Fabrication for a Circular Economy |
13 December 2022

Past Events

Computational Design for a Circular Economy |
21 March 2023

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